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Regulatory Advocacy

The only business of the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness is regulation. CRE staff have served at OMB and other federal agencies, so they possess both a technical understanding of substantive regulatory issues in addition to the procedural mechanisms which can be used to modify or halt regulations with serious problems. For example, CRE has a keen understanding of the "Good Government" statutes which "regulate the regulators" by requiring agencies to undertake certain analyses to gauge economic and other impacts upon businesses and the public prior to issuing a regulation. Having worked in the regulatory field for a number of years, CRE has also built up a network of contacts at federal agencies which allow us to identify key decisionmakers on a given issue.

Based upon this expertise, CRE is able to offer analysis and advocacy on regulatory issues in cost-effective fashion. Engagement of CRE on your regulatory issue will provide the following benefits:

Advocacy before the federal agency on the issue.

Strategy development.

Technical analysis of the regulatory issue of concern.

Presentation of analytical papers to federal agencies.

Coverage of the issue on the CRE website, as appropriate.

Identification of and consultation with other interested stakeholders, as appropriate.

CRE's mode of operation is to undertake work on a range of issues for a number of firms, so the Center does not represent per se any particular member of an industry. CRE is supported by a number of trade associations and private firms, usually in the form of a monthly contribution to support the Center's activities. Although CRE participants who contribute to the Center are given an opportunity to designate a particular issue to be addressed by the Center and to review CRE's work product prior to its dissemination, they do not control neither the content nor the papers that the Center ultimately files in a given regulatory proceeding although they may prohibit their publication. Consequently, such work product represents the views of CRE and does not necessarily represent the position of all of CRE's contributors.

Establishment of the CRE website has enabled the Center to make its activities extremely transparent. Virtually all CRE work product -- including legal briefs -- is placed on the website, thereby rendering such information available not only to targeted regulatory agencies, but also to a variety of stakeholders and the interested public.

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